Design/Build construction incorporates the builder during the design process. Together, we create the space you envision with cost efficiencies in mind. This allows us to design a project that can be realized.

          Design Build Process (Shear Construction's duties):

  1. To get the process started, Shear Construction meets with the homeowner(s) to gather information about what you want to have done and what your budget is for the project, this is necessary in order to design and assign costs appropriately.
  2. Next, we create a spread sheet budget that itemizes all elements necessary to complete the project, in order of construction, by trade with the associated costs of each item including allowances for items selected by the homeowner.  We include the expected time frame of the project and discuss available start dates.

    After we are selected as your builder: 
  3. We create a detailed schedule of pre-construction and construction items around the agreed start date.
  4. Next, we create a list of items that will require a decision by the homeowner(s) and the date that decision is due to stay on schedule.
  5. We then design, engineer and submit to plan check for permit acquisition and gain approvals from all associated jurisdictions. 
  6. We start and complete our projects on time and invoice as the work progresses.

Intelligent way to build

When utilizing our Design/Build services, clients realize significant savings in time and money. The Design/Build concept creates a partnership between the client and contractor that encompasses all aspects of the building process. Shear Construction guides each client from concept to completion.

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